Adam Hegi and Cheri Haley Married
Over the years, we've shared many adventures. Check out some of our favorite pics and new wedding photos from our ceremony in Sedona, Arizona.
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Thank you for thinking of us - we hope you'll be able to join us to celebrate on Sunday, July 15th at our home in Portsmouth.

Our House

For those of you that wish to give us a gift, we sincerely appreciate your generosity. As many of you know, we've been living together for over six years and are pretty much set for housewares and such.

Last year we purchased our first house and have working hard to transform our house into a home (check out photos of our progress).

Rather than doing a traditional registry, we are asking friends and loved ones that wish to give us a gift to contribute in a meaningful way by helping us with our home renovations through a gift of cash or gift cheque.